Consumer Maintenance Kit


The Consumer Maintenance Kit is an compact all-in-one kit containing our award-winning products and best cleaning tools which ensure your treated surfaces remain in perfect condition for years to come.

Each kit has been designed and tested specifically for use with Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN protective coatings to achieve the highest quality results possible. The kit is user-friendly and makes cleaning, protecting and maintaining surfaces easier for the consumer.

Use Revitalizer periodically to reduce the importance of drying your surface, and/or to make the regular clean even easier!

Each Care Kit, or Consumer maintenance Kit contains

  • DFI Revitalizer to refresh coated surfaces;
  • 3x Restoration Powder NanoPax® to help remove a mild buildup if you’ve been a little slack in the basic routine maintenance (is ok, we all do this);
  • Heavy scrubber also for use if you’ve forgotten the basic maintenance ; and
  • Microfibre Cloth, 20cm x 20cm soft style to apply the Revitalizer, or polish and buff the surface to a beautiful and lasting finish.
  • Instructions we always suggest the instructions are used as a guide, each person and shower is slightly different, just call you local franchisee if you have questions.

Watch the video - learn how to use the care kit.