Express Care Kit


All surfaces sometimes need a little help. One of the unique benefits of any of our range of low maintenance coatings is that they are repairable, which means you can clean and boost the surface should you need to.

Unfortunately no surface is 100% maintenance free, that’s why we have our range of after care gear. The EXPRESS CARE KIT is a compact version of the CONSUMER MAINTENANCE KIT, helps make the very basic routine maintenance even easier, and may help save you money if you’ve neglected that maintenance for little while.

  • 2x NanoPax of Restoration Powder to remove mild stains from the surface
  • 5 (Five) NanoPax of Revitalizer to help keep surfaces already protected by one of DFI’s protective coatings at peak condition;
  • A White Scrubber Pad to remove tougher stains if necessary, if basic maintenance has been neglected;

Why not grab a new Scrunchie while your here for just $2.50,

and a Microfibre cloth for only $3

A Smart Choice to Maintain Your Surfaces in Top Condition
Using the Express Care Kit is a quick, convenient way to help you enjoy your treated surfaces for years to come. The Express Care Kit provides everything you need to make the basic maintenance easier, but in a more compact size. With Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN or Clear Fusion protective coatings, basic maintenance is all that’s needed to keep your surfaces beautiful for years.

Watch the video - learn how to use the care kit.