Glass Rescue™ NanoPax® – single


Glass Rescue™ is for restoration of stained glass and glass like surfaces. The professional-quality concentrated power of Glass Rescue™ requires only a small amount for deep set stains and can be diluted with water or used straight from the bottle to suit the extent of the damage of the surface being cleaned.

Glass Rescue for restoration of:

  • Lime scale
  • Calcium deposits
  • Soap scum
  • Salt spray
  • Other glass contaminants

We suggest using with our white scrubber pads for best results

Also see Diamond Fusion Restore – Developed and Made in NZ for our marking and conditions, if your not sure what your marking is Restore is a more versatile product than Glass Rescue.

Like all restoration products, Glass Rescue does have a very fine abrasive, check for compatibility before use. Don’t use on plastics.
Not recommended for use on a coated surface as Glass Rescue will remove, or damage the coating

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Why Replace When You Can Restore?

For many home or business owners who have badly stained windows, shower doors and other surfaces, but are hesitant to replace them, due to cost or inconvenience, we have a solution for you… Glass Rescue™ NanoPax. It cleans and restores heavily stained surfaces – even those stained over long periods of time – by lime scale, calcium deposits, soap scum, salt spray, and other contaminants – with reduced effort and time. Restoring unprotected surfaces, which may still be in good condition had they been properly maintained with Diamond Fusion products, is welcomed as a cost-effective eco-friendly alternative.

A Small Amount Goes a Long Way

For restoration of heavily-stained surfaces the professional-quality concentrated power of Glass Rescue™ requires only a small amount for deep set stains. Glass Rescue™ can be diluted with water or used straight from the pack to suit the extent of the damage to the surface being cleaned, so you can control the amount of the product used according to the strength of cleaning power required.

Do Your Part to Help the Environment

Glass Rescue™ also meets the expectations of the environmentally-conscious home or business owners who choose to reuse or restore materials rather than replace them. Doing so avoids the replaced materials being sent to landfills and unnecessarily disposed of when they can still be used.

Ideal for Diamond Fusion Protective Coating Preparation

You can also use Glass Rescue™ to prepare surfaces for further treatment and protection by any of our protective coatings. (Which will reduce the likelihood of this kind of staining from reoccurring.) In addition to removing deep-set hard water stains and mineral deposits, Glass Rescue™ also removes pre-existing surface coatings or residues that may be present on the surface ensuring the cleanest surface possible, which is an important prerequisite for application of a Diamond Fusion protective coating. For this reason, Glass Rescue should never be used on treated surfaces unless the intention is to remove that coating and replace it with a new one.

More than Just Glass

Versatile Glass Rescue™ is not limited to use on only one type of surface – while the formula is optimised for glass surfaces, it can also be used on most silica-based surfaces that are not harmed by mild abrasives such as granite, porcelain and ceramic.

How Many Glass Rescue™ NanoPax Per Shower?

As a rule of thumb, for average staining, one Nanopack of Glass Rescue™ will be required per square metre. If your shower is REALLY dirty or stained, then we would recommend more, if less stained then it will go further. If you have more than 2m2 of glass it may be more economic to buy the larger pack

We suggest using with our white scrubber pads for best results

Note: Always check compatibility in an inconspicuous area before use

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1 x tube per shower is recommended.