Restoration Powder can remove normal to moderate stains from Glass, Porcelain & stainless steel surfaces, so that the surface is ready to be treated or coated more effectively. Once the cleaning process is complete, the surface is then ready to be treated with one of our award-winning protective coatings, resulting in a protected, brilliant surface for years to come.

Or can be used to remove a light buildup, or as a periodic maintenance cleaner, on a Diamond Fusion, or Clear Fusion treated surface before Diamond Fusion Revitalizer.

  • Used alone or as a preparatory cleaning product, the Restoration Powder cleans and restores mild to moderately stained surfaces.
  • Despite its strength, the Restoration Powder is safe to use on hands.
  • Use gently to remove a mild buildup on a Diamond Fusion Treated surface – NOTE, you MUST then use Diamond Fusion Revitalizer to refresh the Diamond Fusion Surface, or if using Clear Fusion V, Reapply as normal.
  • Some users like to add a very small amount of dishwashing liquid

It is important to note however, that Restoration Powder cannot repair damage on or deep staining in the surface. This kind of permanent damage can occur when deposits are allowed to stay on the glass too long. If this damage is present, your best course of action is to use one of our more powerful cleaners such as Glass Rescue or Restore, or to replace the surface and be sure to protect the new surface with one of our protective coatings to prevent it from happening again.

It is recommended Revitalizer is used after Restoration Powder on a treated surface as it may decrease the water repellency of the surface, and eventually wear the treated surface so it is beyond repair.