Restoration Powder and Revitalizer Nanopak Combo


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Does your easyClean application need a bit of a hand? are you finding just a bit of spotting, or clouding starting on your surface?

grab this small combo, a Sachet of Restoration Powder, and white scrub pad – or use your scrunchie – to remove mild contamination from a Diamond Fusion or Clear Fusion surface, then Revitalizer wipes – we recommend one wipe per 2m2, which is about one panel in a standard size shower.

While your here grab a new scrunchie for only $2.00

You can also use these products occasionally to extend the standard drying and cleaning frequency – have a talk to us about the best way for this.


Restoration Powder can remove normal to moderate stains from your Diamond Fusion or Clear Fusion coated surface

Then use Revitalizer to boost the surface, or help to repair any damage that may have occurred from the mineral being on the surfcae

  • Use gently to remove a mild buildup on a Diamond Fusion Treated surface
  • Some users like to add a very small amount of dishwashing liquid
  • Then use Diamond Fusion Revitalizer to refresh the Diamond Fusion Surface,

It is important to note however, that Restoration Powder cannot repair damage on or remove deep staining in the surface. This kind of permanent damage can occur when deposits are allowed to stay on the glass too long. If this damage is present, have a talk to us about a maintenance clean

Each Nanopack will clean or Revitalize approximately one standard shower panel or 1.5 – 2 M2 of mildly marked glass