Shower glass protection that makes the your glass extremely easy to maintain, so easy that water & scum wipe off. Keep your shower glass sparkling clean with the world’s #1 shower glass protection product.

We will visit your site and apply our Diamond Fusion Defender range of products to your glass shower, providing protection and making the glass easy to clean. 

Our products are backed by a factory warranty, to give you the peace of mind and knowledge that you can trust them.

Choose from two products Clear Fusion Pro, our low cost option, providing a 10 year warranty* or our reputable and world leading, Diamond Fusion Easy Clean, with its life time warranty*.

If you have an existing shower, that already has some surface marking, we also provide a shower restoration service which can return that stained and hard to clean glass back to looking great again, using NZ made products we have had developed that really do work!


shower glass PROTECTION with the world's #1 Product!

Diamond Fusion™ easyCLEAN Shower Glass protects your shower glass with nanotechnology and reduces your cleaning time by up to 90%!

Select Diamond Fusion™ and discover why millions of customers worldwide choose our products.
best way to clean shower glassA sheet of glass that is untreated with a protective layer lies flat

Don't let your shower become stained and streaked Diamond Fusion™ easyCLEAN Shower Glass will:

  • Dramatically reduce your shower glass cleaning time by up to 90% 
  • Keep your shower glass looking clean, clear & streak-free
  • Factory-backed warranty, giving you peace of mind
  • Diamond Fusion™ easyClean is the ONLY glass protection product with a global patent
  • Diamond Fusion™ is trusted around the globe & is the world's #1 product
  • We restore your stained glass and save your money with shower glass restoration, dramatically returns up to 90% of glass surfaces to looking great again.
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keep Your shower glass streak-free

You don't want to be wasting your precious time cleaning your shower glass, we all know what they usually look like after a while!

There's a better way!

You won't need the harsh chemicals and can stop buying all those cleaning products that don't even work. Keep your shower glass clean, clear, and streak-free with Diamond Fusion's™ easyCLEAN Shower Glass Protection.

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