Restoration & Application terms and conditions

Applies to onsite work by Applicator

  • Access to site power and water will be required. If not available please let us know so alternatives can be included in pricing.
  • Lifting/access equipment is not included in pricing unless specified.
  • Glass restoration is an attempt to avoid glass replacement and recover the asset value of the glass.
  • Used glass will always be used glass. We CANNOT make the glass “like new”.
  • Work is on ONE side of the glass only unless otherwise stated.
  • Most glass can be restored but it is used glass & certain factors can limit the end result such as Age, Condition, location, previous care & type of damage.
  • Restoring Glass can uncover previous damage and/or manufacturing defects.
  • After Restoration some swirling marks may be visible, this will be minimised where possible.
  • Some Glass may have defects that result in fabricating debris being embedded in the glass when manufactured, this debris may not be visible to the naked eye. This debris may be dislodged during the restoration process resulting in scratching on the surface of the glass.
  • If the end result will not meet the expected standard, the restorer will inform you as soon as possible. Sometimes this is not known until the final clean is completed.
  • We are glass restorers, not glass cleaners. We clean the glass after restoration and/or Application but it may be streaked and/or smeary. A Glass/Window Cleaning service may be required after restoration. This is not included in pricing unless stated.
  • Diamond Fusion easyClean NZ LTD is the Franchisor of Diamond Fusion Glass Defender, & owns the NZ and Pacific islands rights for application, distribution and supply of DFI products, and is importer and/or distributor of various glass restoration and protection products. Restoration work may require a combination of products to be used depending on the situation.
  • We will take all possible care not to damage your glass or surrounding surfaces but will not be held responsible if this does occur.
  • We will protect the work area when possible but cannot be held responsible for factors outside its control or for others not using their common sense, encroaching into the work area or not taking responsibility for their own actions.
  • We will work in a safe manner and will use personal safety equipment as required.
  • Glass can have existing weak points and by its nature, is a fragile item, if the glass that is being worked on does not meet our satisfactory clarity or is broken or irreparably damaged during restoration Diamond Fusion easyClean NZ LTD and its Agents, Franchisees, employees and/or subcontractors will not be held responsible for its replacement or related costs, and will be reimbursed for incurred costs, including labour.
  • All work is subject to minimum charges per job and location.
  • Various Glass protection coatings are available. They will not be applied as standard but can be requested.
  • These terms are current at this time for the work as agreed upon. These terms may change for future work.

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