Are you in the glass business?

We can help you sell more!
Partner with us to add one of our coatings to your sales.

One of our Franchisees can do this for you, or we may be able to supply you to do it yourself.
Or if you are a large volume supplier we have simple to use bulk application methods that are the fastest and easiest in the industry.

Glass coatings are what we do.

We don’t supply, or install glass. We are not your competitor, we are here to work with you to get the best possible solution for you and your customer.

Use FUSECUBE to give your business the Diamond Fusion easyClean advantage

Simply put, no other application method is faster or easier, treat up to 1500m2 of glass with the worlds best glass protection, in 45 minutes with practically ZERO labour cost.

FuseCube is available in a range of sizes, from 5m2 to 1500m2.

Wheel the racks into the FuseCube, push Go, and let it run the cycle. 
Glass is immediatly ready to handle, transport, or even install.
No application is easier.
No other product comes close in performance and lifespan.


Design features to help make you more profitable and your life a whole lot easier.

Coats DG units or any type of glass

Load the FuseCube with IG Units, shower doors or any combination of glass you want, from any supplier. Types include acid etched glass, sandblasted glass, tempered glass, textured glass, frosted glass and much more.

“Ready to handle” glass

Unlike other protective coatings, all of our products have no cure time; so, once the protective coating is applied to any surface, the benefits can be noticed immediately and the glass is ready for handling and/or shipping.

Ensure uniform coverage

Utilizing a chemical vapor deposition process, the Diamond Fusion easyClean coating is circulated throughout the chamber and fused onto all six sides of the glass ensuring optimal coverage.

No chemical exposure

With a built-in evacuation system, the FuseCube is a zero-emissions process that protects your employees and the environment. And by eliminating spraying chemicals, there are no more risks associated with spills or overspray.

Huge productivity gains

Coat 75 lites in the same time it takes to coat 10 lites by hand. The FuseCube delivers 15x more throughput in a small amount of space. And with no cure times customer orders can be fulfilled and shipped faster.

Unbelievable cost savings

Virtually eliminate your labor and drastically cut material expenses, saving up to 84% in overall costs. 

Eliminate human error

Prevent backward installations, issues with treating the wrong side of the glass and uneven, spotty coatings. Whether it’s your first or last run of the day, the FuseCube applies the perfect amount of coating – guaranteed.

Outperform the competition

Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a coating on both sides of the glass, for less than the single-sided price. That means double the ease of cleaning and double the protection.

Unprecedented warranty

Ensure 24/7 peace of mind with our unrelenting commitment to you. Each FuseCube comes with a 3-year/600 run warranty, innovative backup systems and free proactive routine service calls.

Streamlines Diamond Fusion easyClean

Diamond Fusion easyClean is an industry-trusted, low-maintenance coating that is applied to every piece of glass inside the FuseCube. It prevents staining and corrosion and easily repels water, oil and other contaminants.