Want your Commercial Glass to Sparkle? You need Diamond Fusion

Want your Commercial Glass to Sparkle? You need Diamond Fusion

You want your commercial building to look in great shape, right?

Whether it’s in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton or wherever in New Zealand, you want people who work there, are visiting, or who are looking for a commercial space, to think the building is being looked after properly.

That positive impression will never happen if your windows are dirty or damaged by the weather. You know this, which is why you spend a lot of money on cleaning your commercial building’s glass. But there’s a way to change this, by turning to Diamond Fusion.

Diamond Fusion can help you dramatically reduce the cleaning cost. Find out today how our award-winning technology can transform your commercial glass. Call 0800 66 72 78 or send Diamond Fusion a message.

Diamond Fusion’s easyClean product is used not just around New Zealand, but around the world. It gets results by transforming commercial glass into an easy-to-clean surface. The glass is treated with Diamond Fusion’s easyClean product, leaving you the simple task of cleaning the surface with water and a light detergent.

And by making the glass easier to clean, you’ll save money on glass cleaning. In fact, companies have saved up to 60% off their commercial glass cleaning bill after turning to Diamond Fusion for help.

Skylight cleaning, hotel shower glass & how Diamond Fusion can help

The beauty of Diamond Fusion’s service is the versatility we offer. We don’t just protect your windows, we protect shop fronts, glass canopies, hotel shower glass, glass railings and much more.

We make the cleaning of a skylight so much easier. Diamond Fusion’s patented formula is applied to glass, improving and protecting treated surfaces with an ultra-smooth, long-lasting barrier.

And if you want to keep the shower glass in your hotel looking sparkling clean without spending ages cleaning it, then Diamond Fusion delivers great results.

Let’s go a little deeper into why Diamond Fusion gets great results

So, to sum up: after your commercial building is treated with Diamond Fusion’s patented formula, the surface is protected against harsh cleaners, hard water mineral products, environmental pollutants and weathering.

And through that protection, your commercial glass is easier to clean.

Take shower glass, for example. Diamond Fusion easyClean makes the surface easier to clean through state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

Through that nanotechnology, the patented protective coating fills and seals the microscopic peaks and valleys of the glass, creating an invisible barrier that repels water, oil, mineral contaminants and much more.

Searching for the best way to clean shower glass without resorting to harsh chemicals? The answer is Diamond Fusion. Call 0800 66 72 78 or send Diamond Fusion a message.

5 reasons to ask Diamond Fusion to protect your commercial glass

  1. Your commercial glass cleaning costs can be reduced by up to 60%
  2. You’ll get a return in three to four years due to the reduction in cleaning
  3. The glass will resist long-term environment damage
  4. You’ll get peace of mind with a warranty and complete service offering
  5. Diamond Fusion is trusted around New Zealand and the world

What you can do now to protect your commercial glass

Diamond Fusion would love to talk to you today about how to protect your commercial glass. Call us today on 0800 66 72 78 to speak to our team of experts, or send us a message and we’ll get right back to you. We look forward to helping you.


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