Diamond Fusion shower glass

Diamond Fusion can protect your new shower glass – here’s how

Picture the new shower you’ve been preparing to get for ages. It is showroom new clean without a single water stain or streak.

How amazing would it be to keep it that way? And how amazing would it be to avoid spending hours and hours of your spare time cleaning glass?

Contact shower glass protection specialists Diamond Fusion if you want to keep your new shower glass streak-free! Call us on 0800 66 72 78 or send us a quick message and we’ll get right back to you!

You might be thinking you can put up with some streaks and stains on your shower glass in the weeks or months to come. But the shower glass protection experts at Diamond Fusion think you deserve better.

We think you deserve shower glass that stays clean and clear with no fuss. And that means turning to the shower glass experts for help, whether you’re in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton or elsewhere in New Zealand.

Why people trust Diamond Fusion to protect their new shower glass

The benefits and features of Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN shower glass are why people turn to us for help before their new shower is stained.

Here are the key reasons:

  • Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN Shower Glass will reduce your shower cleaning time by up to 90% on NEW glass showers
  • It will help keep your shower looking clean, clear and streak-free
  • Diamond Fusion is not only regarded as the world’s number one glass protection product, it is the ONLY one with a global patent

Having been protected by Diamond Fusion, you should only expect to simply wipe your shower glass to keep it pristine. Say goodbye to the frustration of cleaning glass and not getting much success. Say hello instead to easy shower glass cleaning.

Starting to think about saving heaps of time on cleaning shower glass? Contact Diamond Fusion today on 0800 66 72 78 or send us a message with how we can help.

How long the shower glass protection process lasts with Diamond Fusion

We’re certain you’ll be delighted with the end result of our work, and also the time it takes to complete.

One of the great things about the Diamond Fusion glass protection product is that it has no curing or drying time. So, once we are onsite, if it is a shower that we are coating, then we can be in and out of your way in under an hour.

If we are renovating your shower glass, the full job can take up to two to three hours. This just depends on how long the mineral baddies take to be coaxed out of the glass.

You can check out on our website lots of FAQs about the shower glass protection process, including details about when you should book.

And remember, if you have any questions, just give us a call on 0800 66 72 78 or send us a message.

What people say about Diamond Fusion & our shower glass protection

One thing you can do as part of your research into shower glass protection is to check out what people say about Diamond Fusion.

“Wow!!!! What a difference Diamond Fusion has made to my life,” says M Pringle in Hamilton. “Thanks again for your very efficient completion of the job and for convincing us it would be worth-while. Money well spent. No more cleaning agents needed. Brilliant!"

“What a fantastic way to protect and renovate your glass for many years to come,” says Charlotte in Auckland. “Cleaning each week is so easy. No spraying and waiting, and no scrubbing.”

We’d love for you to experience the shower glass protection difference that Diamond Fusion can bring to your residential property’s bathroom glass. We’re here to speak to you on 0800 66 72 78 or to respond to your messages that you can easily send here.


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