Dreaming of a clear glass balustrade Diamond Fusion can help

Dreaming of a clear glass balustrade? Diamond Fusion can help!

No one wants to spend hours of their spare time cleaning glass – particularly when it is a glass balustrade.

What you want, is to look through a clear glass balustrade knowing that it is protected against streaks day after day.

You can take the first step towards having a clear glass balustrade today! Contact Diamond Fusion on 0800 66 72 78 or send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN Glass Protection is known around New Zealand and the world as being the leader in protecting glass surfaces – and for keeping glass balustrades clean and clear.

Whether you’re in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Auckland, Northland, Coromandel, Taupo, Taranaki, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Queenstown or beyond, we’re here at Diamond Fusion to help you, so that you get to look through glass, and not spend valuable time cleaning it.

Benefits of using Diamond Fusion NZ for a clear glass balustrade

There are actually many benefits to using Diamond Fusion NZ to achieve a clear glass balustrade. Here are a few:

  • Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN glass protection reduces cleaning times by up to 90% (yes, 90%!!)
  • It always keeps your glass surfaces, including shower glass, looking cleaner for longer
  • Comes with a factory-backed warranty
  • Diamond Fusion is the ONLY glass protection product with a global patent
  • Diamond Fusion is trusted around the globe & is the world's #1 product

Some pretty compelling reasons, wouldn’t you say? If you need more, please get in touch! We’d love to chat to you about how Diamond Fusion can enhance your residential glass or commercial glass.

Check out some of the FAQs about Diamond Fusion NZ

You may well have other questions about Diamond Fusion and how we help people keep their glass balustrade clear, but also their shower glass too, and much more.
So why not check out the answers to FAQs about Diamond Fusion?

We thought it would also help to put a few right here. Here we go!

Q. What surfaces do our products work on?
A. DFI nanotechnology (Diamond Fusion / Clear-FusionPRO / Clear-FusionV) chemically reacts with all silica-based surfaces such as glass, ceramic tile, granite and porcelain, as well as other products that contain silica. We also have a range of DIY glass protection and rescue kits that have products for acrylic and stainless surfaces also.

Q. What is nanotechnology?
A. Nanoscale technologies are the development and use of devices that have a size of only a few nanometers. The prefix “nano” means ten to the minus ninth power, or one billionth. Nanotechnology is measured at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels, in the length scale of approximately 1 – 100 nanometer range.

Q. Is it possible to renovate glass and treat damaged and old showers?
A. Absolutely! We can renovate your shower glass using our proprietary glass cleaning products and mineral stain removers. Most showers will restore to 90-95% of new – but not all will be successful, it just depends on how bad the staining is, and what has been used on the shower previously. Our trained applicators will know once onsite if the glass is able to be cleaned.

Q. When is the best time to get your glass protected?
: either in factory or on site – consideration of access to them onsite is a big decider on where these are treated.
Showers: when they are installed, we can be onsite and out within an hour.
Exterior glass: either in factory or on site – consideration of access to them onsite is a big decider on where these are treated.

What to do now if you want a clear glass balustrade

We’re here at Diamond Fusion to make life really easy for you when it comes to everything about glass surface protection and renovation whether it be for residential glass, commercial glass or improving your visibility at sea.

If it is just a clear glass balustrade that you’d like for now, then we’d love to hear from you – and we’d love to help you.

Why not take a step towards having a clear glass balustrade right now? Call Diamond Fusion on 0800 66 72 78 or send us a message today and we’ll get back to you quickly.


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