How to remove lime build-up on bathroom faucets

Nobody likes their bathroom tap ware to appear dirty and stained, especially after cleaning it. Sadly after time it can become inevitable. Our household water is full of minerals such as calcium and magnesium and as water evaporates these minerals build up on our faucets.

We have a couple of environmentally conscious options that won’t cost the earth and that have been proven to help remove limescale buildup.

Wipe off your tap ware with a damp cloth and a bit of dishwashing liquid or a cleaner such as spray and wipe, apply special attention to the spout and back where water drips, clean away any scum. Rinse and dry.

Now using pure lemon juice wipe the tap ware down. The citric acid dissolves the limescale and is fine to use on all types of metal. Allow to soak for 10 minutes rinse and dry. Repeat if required.

Want to bring out the big guns? Use Vinegar! Same as above wipe on leave and clean away, or soak your cloth in vinegar and wrap around the tap, then leave for 10 minutes or so. Once soaked grab an old toothbrush and scrub. If vinegar isn’t quite cutting it, make a paste with some baking soda and vinegar and scrub around the tap ware with a toothbrush.

Don’t forget to give the aerator a clean too, twist the small faucet off flush and then using a toothbrush and vinegar scrub away!

If you want a product that’s bound to get you the results you want then grab some of our Diamond Fusion Restore, easy to use, environmentally friendly product.

Happy cleaning and don’t forget if you want your shower glass to remain crystal clear and easy to clean then talk to the team at Diamond Fusion!