using the maintenance kits


For use on Diamond Fusion easyClean and Clear Fusion protected surfaces to either make your maintenance even easier, or to remove light to moderate marking from a protected surface.

For best results Marking needs to be removed as early as possible, If left on the surface too long it will cause irrepairable damage to the Diamond Fusion or Clear Fusion surface which may need to be repaired by an authorized applicator. Please contact us to discuss options.

Restoration Powder – Removes light to moderate marks on Diamond Fusion & Clear Fusion surfaces

Revitalizer – A clear liquid to boost a protected surface, and repair light damage to a protected surface,

can also be used as a basic protection for hard surfaces such as plastics and metals – check compatibility first

Scrubber pad – Use with Restoration Powder

Instructions – if there is some hard to remove marking on the surface

  • Shake some Restoration Powder onto the Scrunchie or scrubber pad, refer to instructions on the package, You may want to add a very small amount of dishwashing liquid to this.

Use firm, but not hard pressure, repeat until the surface feels smooth or the marks are gone when glass is dry – there may be some “drip or drop” marks when wet or damp.

  • Completely remove all residue of the cleaning product, and ensure the surface is dry.
  • Apply Revitalizer following the instructions on the bottle or packet, some batches have a strong odour, ensure you have ventalation.

If using wipes, generally one wipe will cover 1.5 – 2m2 of glass, so one side of and average size shower.

Tip – start applying at the bottom of the panel, and follow instructions on packet.

If bottle – Spray onto surface then spread, and let it dry. Or, to reduce the odor, spray onto your cloth – spray the bottle holding close to the cloth and apply to/ spread on the glass.

  • Revitalizer may dry cloudy, then either rinse and dry the surface, or polish off with a clean dry cloth.

Instructions if used as Maintanance booster

  • continue to maintain the surface as per product instructions, although you may not need to dry down as frequently

  • As required – (usually two to four times per year) use Restoration Powder – & maybe a very small drop of dishwashing liquid – on the scrubber pad, or Scrunchie, over the whole surface, concentrating on any stubborn spots, pay extra attention around fittings such as handles & hinges, also in corners and lower section of the glass, Rinse, then ensure surface is completely dry, and apply Revitalizer according to instructions

Important note – If you rinse your glass you MUST then dry the glass

  1. Ongoing Care – To make your care even easier, an occasional application – maybe 3, 6, or 12 months – of DF Revitalizer or an Express Care Kit (available from the Diamond Fusion website shop) will help keep the performance as good as the day it was applied. Our Restoration Power is specifically developed for DFI surfaces, so if you need something a little stronger [and DON’T use anything else unless you talk to us], then this is perfect for you.
  2. Squeegee – If you use a squeegee, then use a plastic version with a rubber or Silicone blade, it is safest if there is no metal, however our products are also very scratch resistant. When using it, ensure you rinse or wipe the blade before using it on the treated glass surface, and you may find you need to finish off round the edges, plus handles and hinges with a cloth or a towel.
  3. Cleaning – Having Diamond Fusion™ or Clear Fusion PRO™ on your glass will reduce the cleaning effort required by 50%-90% and you will not need any more harsh smelly chemicals! BUT, like non stick frying pans – its not no clean. You need to regularly dry the glass, and do a quick firm clean every week to keep it in the best condition.
  4. Hard Water / Bore Water – In some areas with hard water or bore water, it is necessary to clean more often & dry with a towel after every use. Some areas will require some Restoration Power and Revitaliser on a more regular basis, so check out our After-Care-Gear and especially the Consumer Care Kit – this will help you manage the surface.
  5. Shampoo / conditioners – some contain higher quantities of silicone (often called Dimethicone) which can leave a smeary residue on any surfaces in the shower including Diamond Fusion™. We recommend not using these. The silicone residue will be on top of the Diamond Fusion easyClean or Clear Fusion and can be easily removed with our Restoration powder, contact your local agent or purchase online.
  6. Going Away – if you are going away for a extended period of time, then before you leave we recommend that you clean the shower and remove any water marks, if they are left for a long period they are more difficult to remove when you return.
  7. Heated Bathroom Floors – If your bathroom is heated, the we recommend you might need to towel dry the shower more frequently, as the heat dries any mineral deposits a lot faster than a non-heated bathroom.
  8. Marine or Automotive Window Wipers – When applied to a window with a window wiper, the surface will need a Revitaliser treatment after a period of time. This will vary based on the use of the wiper. Please contact your local agent for more information.
  9. High Glass Cleaning – Use a soft brush with a long handle and clean the glass after thoroughly wetting the surface. Wrap a towel around the end and add some dish-washing liquid to clean any stubborn dirt and then rinse. To dry, do the same with the towel on the end of the broom.
  10. Questions – Should you have any other questions, then please contact your local agent or Franchisee on 0800 66 72 78.

Please watch our care videos to ensure you care for your surface protectant correctly: