Plastic Defender


Plastic surfaces can take just as much of a beating as your glass. From eyeglasses to watch faces, vehicle headlights, marine vessels and more, plastics have changed the world in terms of design and function. However, plastic surfaces are susceptible to scratches and repeated abuse.

A specially developed polymer for most plastic surfaces improves the appearance of the surface, while safely repelling water, dirt and oil, making the surface easier to clean with an added luxurious feel. DFI’s Plastic Defender™ also dramatically minimizes friction, reducing drag and scratching. Some of the plastics DFI can protect include:

  • Watch Faces
  • Eyeglasses
  • Motorcycle fairings
  • Vehicle headlights
  • Marine vessels and windows
  • Plastic roofing
  • Cultured marble countertops
  • Various type of molds releases for easy removal
  • Art exhibit displays and more…

By applying Plastic Defender™, these surfaces become water repellent, Brighter/more brilliant more impact, more scratch and more stain resistant. By protecting the surface it repels water, oils, liquids and the contaminants they carry, you need to clean less and experience a more hygienic surface and a cleaner environment where harsh chemicals are not used.

The specialized formula creates a slick surface to protect against water spots, oil and dirt, making surfaces easier to clean. Sold in single-use, easy-to-apply towelettes. Each single Plastic Defender™ NanoPax® towelette will cover up to approximately 1.5m2.

Plastic Defender™ is a consumer-grade coating and will last up to a year on surfaces that are not exposed to heavy abrasion. For high traffic areas, more regular reapplication may be necessary.

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Sachet/Nanopax, two pack, five pack

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