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Revitalizer Protective Glass Spray is designed to “Revitalize” surfaces already protected by one of DFI’s protective coatings (such as Diamond-Fusion easyClean, Clear-FusionPRO, or Clear Fusion V) for glass restoration success. Over several years, the water repellency of these treated surfaces can diminish – especially if maintenance has been neglected.

If the Protected surface is clean, but just not sheding water as well as previously, Diamond Fusion Revitalizer Protective Glass Spray quickly returns the surface to “just applied” condition,

or, if you have some marking starting on your surface use our Restoration Powder to easily remove this, then finish it off with Revitalizer.

Diamond Fusion Revitalizer is also a great solution if you have one of our coatings but don’t really want to regularly dry your glass as often as recommended, talk with us about using Revitalizer occasionally to “boost” your protection level – subject to which level of coating you have, your location, and water quality – this will often mean you then just do your regular firm clean.
If you live in a “hard water” area an easy periodic application of Revitalizer will help you maintain your surface with those extra sticky minerals you have.

It can also be used as a basic short-term protective coating for surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, and metal surfaces.

Handy 118ml spray bottle will cover approx 5 – 10 average showers

Also available in the Consumer Care Kit as a 500ml spray bottle and Express Care Kit in Nanopax.

Watch the video – learn how to use the care kit.

Note: Video shows application of Revitalizer after using Restoration Powder, not included, to clean the (extreme) surface marking