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Protect Your Car & Boat Windscreen — The Best Glass Cleaner

Imagine a product that can minimise your glass cleaning times by up to 90% and can help to increase your reaction times by up to a full second on the road or whilst at sea?

The search is over, choose Diamond Fusion’s™ globally patented product and ensure your car and boats glass surfaces remain crystal clear — no matter the weather.

Protect Your Glass Surfaces with Diamond Fusion™ NZ

Diamond Fusion™ easyCLEAN not only repels rain, mud, and other debris, but also snow, ice, insects, and anything else that can splatter on your windscreen.

After countless hours of research Diamond Fusion™ has developed two different formulas to use on car windscreens and boat glass surfaces — both incorporate Diamond Fusion’s™ patented nanotechnology.

Diamond Fusion™ NZ Automotive Defender Cleans & Protects Your Car Windscreen

Increase your visibility on the road with Diamond Fusion™ Automotive Defender. The special formula not only ensures water, snow, and sleet beads right off your glass surfaces but it also reduces windscreen damage — resulting in fewer chips, cracks, and pits.

Diamond Fusion™ Automotive Defender also improves night vision as the patented formula reduces the glare from the lights of oncoming vehicles and street lights.

However, probably the most significant feature of having your car’s windscreen cleaned and protected with Diamond Fusion’s™ globally patented formula is that it increased your reaction times whilst driving. University studies have proven that car windscreens protected with Diamond Fusion™ improves the driver’s reaction time by a full second in rainy or heavy conditions.

How important is a second? If you’re driving at 65kph that 1 second equates to 20m stopping distance. This extra 20m can help you avoid having a very bad day and could save your life.

“A couple of days after putting on the Automotive Defender, I was on the highway going to work when it started to rain. I rolled along for several miles before I realised I hadn’t turned on the windshield wipers. I simply didn’t notice that I needed them.”
— David Gervich, Iowa, USA

Protect your car windscreen with Diamond Fusion™ and book a technician today! Call 0800 66 72 78 or click here to find out more about Diamond Fusion™ New Zealand.

Diamond Fusion™ NZ Marine Screen Improves Your Vision at Sea

Whether you're in the Hauraki Gulf searching for that ‘big one’, crossing the Pacific Ocean or taking the kids out on the sea biscuit — choose Diamond Fusion™ easyCLEAN water repellent Marine Screen and improve your visibility at sea.

Diamond Fusion™ Marine Screen repels fresh water and salt water longer than any other product on the market. Marine Screen also removes the need for constant reapplication, saving you time and the environment.

Whether you’re in the middle of a storm or just out in the harbour, the patented nanotechnology in our Marine Screen formula increases your field of vision beyond the small area that your screen wipers can reach.

“I have the Diamond Fusion™ on my new boat windows and I’m Loving it!!!!! kicks butt over other products I have used in the past. Highly recommend to anyone to give it a go.”
– Leeanne Dixon, Reel Adventures, New Zealand

How Does Diamond Fusion™ NZ Marine Screen Work to Clean & Protect Your Boat’s Windscreen & Glass?

Diamond Fusion™ creates a smooth surface so that saltwater and other liquid substances can’t stick to the glass. The small amount of water that does stick is far easier to remove than if the glass was not treated with the best glass cleaner in the world.
Diamond Fusion™ is more durable than other glass cleaning products in the market and protects your glass surfaces from chips, cracks, and scratches.

In short, Marine Screen reduces the coefficient of friction and increases the possible weight load of glass by up to ten times.

Protect your boat glass and increase your visibility at sea with Diamond Fusion™ Marine Screen today! Call 0800 66 72 78 or email

Diamond Fusion™ — The World Leaders in Glass Cleaning & Protection

Diamond Fusion™ has made its name with its unique and globally patented formula that ensures your shower glass is clean, clear, and streak-free.

Millions of people worldwide choose Diamond Fusion™ and its chemical-free formula to protect and clean their glass windows, shower doors, glass balustrades and now their car and boat windscreens!

Contact Diamond Fusion™ and book a technician in New Zealand today to ensure your glass surfaces remain clean, clear, and streak-free for longer!

Want to know more about the Diamond Fusion™? Check out our FAQs or read up on our story, here.

Call 0800 66 72 78 or email today and discover why millions of people around the world call Diamond Fusion™ the best glass cleaner on the market!


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