Can you remember what your shower glass used to look like? When it had yet to be stained and was showroom new. When you looked at it and felt clean before you’d even turned on the shower.

That shower glass looked great. Pristine. Something not to worry about when you had people visit.

That sparkle didn’t last though, did it? Your shower glass has long been water stained and dirty looking – and you’ve yet to find a shower glass cleaner up to the task of bringing the sparkle back. This is where Diamond Fusion can help.

Call in the shower glass restoration experts from Diamond Fusion. Our easyClean glass rescue team are specialists in bringing heavily stained-glass surfaces back to life. Send Diamond Fusion a message today or give us a call on 0800 66 72 78.


It really is possible to renovate glass and treat showers that are damaged by staining. Diamond Fusion renovate your shower glass using our cutting-edge glass cleaning products.

In fact, 98% of showers will return to 90-95% of their new state. And once your shower glass has been brought back to life, add Diamond Fusion™ easyCLEAN to keep your shower glass looking all lovely and clean.

You’ll be saving yourself time and avoiding a whole lot of frustration after you bring in the Diamond Fusion experts on cleaning shower glass. This is what we know to be true – and Diamond Fusion customers do too!

“Everything is much easier to clean, and your product makes the glass sparkle,” says Wayne, in Auckland.

“The shower cleans up nicely. I wipe it down each morning and it looks like new,” says Martin in Auckland.

Want to check out some more reviews of why Diamond Fusion are the leaders in shower glass restoration? Head over to the Diamond Fusion New Zealand Facebook page where you’ll find photos and plenty of feedback from our clients, including this review below.

“I bought your product at the Waikato Show and I just want to say thank you!!! I’ve just started cleaning away 10-year watermarks from the bottom of our shower!!”


You may well be picturing just how dirty looking your shower glass is, but you’re not quite sure what to do about it. So, here are six reasons (there are many, many more we could have added) why you need to talk to the people at Diamond Fusion about removing all the stains on your shower glass.

  1. Diamond Fusion are known around New Zealand and the world as a leader in the glass protection and protective coatings industry.
  2. Diamond Fusion always strives to offer every customer the greatest customer care possible.
  3. Diamond Fusion’s trained glass technicians are experts in making glass surfaces sparkle.
  4. Renovating your glass is better for the environment.
  5. By turning to Diamond Fusion for help, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress, frustration and hassle.
  6. We make it really easy to understand our processes. If you’d like to know more, the FAQs on the Diamond Fusion are a great place to start. And if you have any more questions about shower glass restoration that need answering, we’d be delighted to help you.

You can take the first step today towards getting your shower glass to sparkle again. Call Diamond Fusion on 0800 66 72 78 or send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

We look forward to hearing from you – and we look forward to helping you.