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What is Diamond Fusion® & Why Is It The Best Way to Clean Shower Glass?

Hard water mineral stains and surface build up can leave your shower glass surfaces looking less than sparkly clean. No matter how long you spend scrubbing those glass surfaces, do you find those unsightly streaks keep retuning?

Are your weekends spent slaving away trying to get your glass looking new? There is a better way to keep your shower glass looking its best — Diamond Fusion's® patented formula is the best way to keep your shower glass clean and clear with minimal cleaning time.

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10 Reasons to Use Diamond Fusion® for Clean & Clear Shower Glass

When it comes to streak-free, clean and clear glass surfaces that require little maintenance to keep looking sparkly new, Diamond Fusion® really is a different breed of surface protection.

We pride ourselves on our unique and technologically-advanced products and exceptional customer service. Here are 10 reasons why Diamond Fusion® is so special:

1. Diamond Fusion's® Global Patent

No one else in our market has our award-winning nano-coating. Our premium product has the solid protection of a granted patent which goes to prove how innovative our water repelling solutions truly are.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

Whether you are a large company or a small household — Diamond Fusion® NZ has your glass surfaces covered. No customer is too big or too small for us to partner with or complete a project. The friendly and helpful team at Diamond Fusion® NZ proudly provides exceptional, market-leading after sales care to everyone.

3. Diamond Fusion® NZ is An Ethical Business

Although you can find our products around the globe, we've achieved this growth by providing excellent service with exceptionally advanced products — not by unethical means. Diamond Fusion® operates under Ethically Empowered Licensing principles and the message at the core of our business is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

We are stand by our team members and doing responsible business.

4. Diamond Fusion® is a Global Network

The Diamond Fusion® network spans the globe and has been providing clients with technologically advanced solutions for over 21 years. Diamond Fusion® International was established in 1997 and continues to lead the development of innovative surface protection solutions in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America.

5. Diamond Fusion® Global Partners

Diamond Fusion® have on-going, long-term partnerships with a range of the most prestigious and reputable companies around the world. Of course, we have some awesome partners in New Zealand too! We partner with brands such as Athena Bathrooms, Clearlite Bathrooms, Newline, Jennian Homes, Villa Homes, Elite Bathroomware, and much more!

6. Diamond Fusion's® Flexible Product Range

For large volume projects Diamond Fusion® has developed the must ultra-efficient methos of applying an extremely easy to clean coating onto silica-based surfaces in a very cost-effective way.

We call is the FuseCube™ System and it is capable of automatically coating thousands of square feet of glass (on both sides, incl. edges) in less than an hour. This helps to reduce costs by up to 70% as virtually no labour is needed. Diamond Fusion® guarantees that no other product can make this claim.

7. Diamond Fusion® Is Your One-Stop Supplier

Diamond Fusion® provides exceptional solutions from glass surface protection to restoration and maintenance. The wide Diamond Fusion® range of specially developed products consolidates your purchases by being your sole supplier.

8. Diamond Fusion® Innovation

Diamond Fusion® never stands still. We continue to innovate and create groundbreaking products and our continual R&D gives you the edge. Two recent test have confirmed what is already known by our partners worldwide:

  • Diamond Fusion® has the world's best contact angle at 101 degrees. A higher contact angle results in surfaces being more repellent to water and other substances, resulting in reduced cleaning times and maintenance.
  • Diamond Fusion® has the world's best sliding angle at 13.1 degrees. A lower sliding angle indicates a greater degree of surface 'slipperiness'. This means water runs away quickly which improves clarity and cleaning times.

9. Diamond Fusion® is Environmentally Friendly

Diamond Fusion® has worked hard to become a green conscious company and our patented Diamond Fusion® nano-coating generates zero emissions. In fact, a Diamond Fusion® specified building recently received a LEED Platinum certification which is the highest green standard in the industry.

10. Diamond Fusion's® Innovation is Igniting its Growth

At Diamond Fusion® we believe growth is a sign of innovation and forward thinking. Diamond Fusion® has achieved incredible growth thanks to our exceptional product development, exceptional customer service, innovative new ideas and loyal customers (big and small) in New Zealand and around the world.

Diamond Fusion® is the Best Way to Achieve Clean & Clear Shower Glass in New Zealand

Are you spending your weekends on your hands and knees scrubbing away at your shower glass? Is your business spending thousands of dollars a month on commercial window cleaning services? Are hard water stains and ground-in marks making you consider replacing your glass surfaces? There's a better way!

Diamond Fusion® is the best way to get your glass surfaces looking clean, clear, and sparkly new again! Save up to 90% of your shower glass cleaning times with a Diamond Fusion® application and save thousands on labour costs for your commercial buildings.

Best of all, Diamond Fusion's® solutions are environmentally friendly and don't include any harsh chemicals!

Get your glass looking spick-and-span and treat your glass surfaces with Diamond Fusion® today! Book a consultation by calling your local Diamond Fusion® technician on 0800 66 72 78


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