Struggling with keeping the shower glass clean?

Using supermarket products that never seem to achieve the desired results?

We have all done it, buy the bottle of cleaner from the supermarket – or elsewhere – that promises magic, when we know it will be like all the others that are now in the cupboard under the sink, and will really do next to nothing, plus there is little doubt that the chemicals in that product could do you more harm than good. Sadly, all of that money spent over the years on cleaning products can add up to hundreds of wasted dollars. 

So why don’t the supermarket shower cleaning brands work? Supermarket shower cleaners are designed to clean just the surface of your glass, and only talk about soap scum. However glass isn’t a smooth surface and the real problem isn’t soap scum.  Glass is actually made up of tiny microscopic indents, which, over time trap minerals from your water, causing mineral staining,  which spray on cleaners simply will not be able to remove. What if we could tell you there is a better option and that you actually don’t need to waste time scrubbing your shower glass ever again!

Firstly, we use our Restoration product, which is developed and made in New Zealand for our conditions, to clean deep into these indents, softening and drawing the mineral staining out of the surface, and removing the built up grime along with it,

Then, using our unique patented nano technology, Diamond Fusion easyClean, which is designed to seal and protect your shower glass, creating a barrier over the tiny microscopic indents, then capping that with a very water repellent surface, which makes the glass very easy to take care of.

At Diamond Fusion, our team of experienced glass defenders will visit your property and restore your stained, streaky glass with our specialised range of environmentally friendly products. We can then add a protection to the glass that reduces cleaning time and best of all you never have to use those nasty chemicals again.

Give the Diamond Fusion Glass Defender team a call today and let’s get your precious family time back.