Diamond Fusion Restore 100ml – Mineral stain remover


5.00 out of 5

Do you have seemingly impossible to remove marking on your glass?

Have you tried EVERYTHING to remove it?

Showers, Exteriors, Automotive, Marine, But not just glass! – also great for Tiles, Tap ware, Porcelain – (sinks, toilet bowls etc), Stainless steel, Chrome… etc …

We have the solution for you!

Years of development have gone into Diamond Fusion Restore to get the best possible results, with an environmentally friendly, non abrasive, easy to use cleaner.

This is a 100ml bottle and contents is super concentrated, this is enough to clean average mineral staining from over 10 square metres of glass – an average shower will be about 3.5m2

These are packed directly out of our bulk supply and so new to the market no retail labeling yet.

The bottle will have an instructions label on it and come with a scrubbing pad, if you need more pads use a Chux 3n1 bathroom sponge easily available from most supermarkets

Only use on a treated surface if you are wanting to remove that product.

for severe staining some etched minerals can still be visible


We have been using this professionally for a while now and found it to be by far the best product to be removing the hard to clean staining – we use what will give us the best results, if there was something better we would use that!

  • Diamond Fusion Restore has been developed in New Zealand, and is made and packaged locally.
  • Super concentrated – these are not big bottles containing mostly filler, a small amount goes a long way!
  • Biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
  • 16 years has gone into continually improving it, to give the best results in all situations.
  • No abrasives & no heavy acids.

Removes ALL surface staining on glass – note –  for severe staining some minerals may have etched themselves deeply into the glass, and the staining has taken, in most cases, YEARS to build up on the surface, the longer this has been happening, the more effort is going to be needed to remove. There is no such thing as a magic spray on, instant cleaner for mineral staining!!

These are packed directly out of our bulk supply – there is no retail labels on these bottles, they will have an instruction sticker on them with basic cautions, but use definitely varies according to what level of marking you are removing, we will be adding some instructional videos as soon as we can.

Once cleaned we highly recommend application of a quality sealant to help stop the staining returning, we have a selection of these, at various prices, and various lifespans

Only use on a currently treated surface if you are wanting to remove that product.