Diamond Fusion Restore 100ml – Mineral Stain Remover



Do you have seemingly impossible to remove marking on your glass?

Have you tried EVERYTHING to remove it? did you know what you are usually being sold will not, and cannot, remove the problem!

Showers, Exteriors, Automotive, Marine, But not just glass! – also great for Tiles, Tap ware, Porcelain – (sinks, toilet bowls etc), Stainless steel, Chrome… etc …

We have the solution for you!

Years of development have gone into Diamond Fusion Restore to get the best possible results, with an environmentally friendly, non abrasive, easy to use cleaner.

The 100ml bottle and contents is super concentrated, this is enough to clean average mineral staining from over 10 square metres of glass – an average shower will be about 3.5m2 (note, the 250ml bottle is pictured)

These are packed directly out of our bulk supply, labelling is not fancy. We chose to invest in getting the best product available not just unnecessary flash packaging.

For best results use with our White scrubber pads – please DON’T use a pot scrubber! https://www.diamondfusion.co.nz/product/additional-nylon-pads/

We also have an attachment to use with a power drill => https://www.diamondfusion.co.nz/product/drill-attachment-for-glass-restoration/

Only use on a treated surface if you are wanting to remove that product. For severe staining some etched minerals can still be visible

– it is not recommended to use this on a Diamond Fusion or Clear Fusion protected surface –

Restoration Powder is recommended to remove mild marking on these surfaces, if this is not working talk to us for some assistance