Drill Attachment For Glass Restoration


drill attachment restoration

Got a shower to clean? Save your arms on the big jobs with our drill attachment for DIY glass restoration.

We do recommend using our NZ developed and made Restore mineral stain remover, Yes you can use other products, but Restore WILL give better and faster results. If the other products worked, we would be using them!

What you get is the backing pad, along with the adaptor to put in the standard drill chuck, and two white nylon pads, that attach to the “velcro” style backing pad.
Pads may be thinline or thick, they are the same material. Backing pads are usually yellow, but may be other colours. This depends on supply.
Additional pads are available here

Generally work on one white pad per panel of glass, but the harder the marking – so usually the longer its been on the surface – the “fresher” you will want your pad to be. But once the glass is looking OK, they can be rinsed out and used to finish off with.

You, of course, will need to provide your own drill, and be careful with it – it’s a power tool, so use the right protective gear. don’t use it in a wet environment or with the water running, and don’t overload the drill, as it could possibly damage it. We are not your Mum, so you're gonna need to use your own common sense here people!

Does not incude cleaning product, We highly recommend Restore mineral stain remover as it is formulated and made in NZ for NZ conditions, and is by far the fastest and easiest way to clean glass. If the other products did what they said they did we would use them!

Test on an inconspicuous area first. We are not responsible for damage. You will likely also uncover existing damage. Restoration is an attempt to save replacement of the glass. Your glass will not be “new” again.
You can of course use this on a bunch of other surfaces, such as Tiles, Stainless steel sinks etc, but the common sense thing kicks in here again...... We arn't there to supervise you, or say, "wait this is dumb", listen to that voice in your head, the pads are a coarse nylon so can scuff a delicate surface. However, that surface is already damaged, so....

It is not suggested to use this attachment on anything other than shower glass or tiles – i.e exterior, automotive, marine etc glass – unless every other method has been tried first, and using Restore Mineral remover by hand will generally give surprisingly good results. But generally if it's going to noticeably scuff the surface the glass would otherwise have needed to be replaced. We do have Foam pads available that are "less aggressive" on the surface.

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