Drill Attachment For Glass Restoration

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Great to use with our Diamond Restore if you need to cover a bit more surface area, it is pictured on an older cordless (not included) but best used on a corded drill or fairly high torque Cordless.

what you get is the backing pad, and the adaptor to put in the standard drill chuck, and two white nylon pads, that attach to the “velcro” style backing pad. Additional pads are available here

Generally work on one white pad per panel of glass, but the harder the marking – so usually the longer its been on the surface – the “fresher” you will want your pad to be. But once the glass is looking OK, they can be rinsed out and used to finish off with.

You of course will need to provide your own drill, and be careful with it – it’s a power tool, so use the right protective gear. don’t use it in a wet environment or with the water running, and don’t overload the drill, as it could possibly damage it.

Any glass restoration does have a risk of scuffing the glass, the worse the marking the harder you need to be on it, so the more risk of damage. Restoration is an attempt to save replacement of the glass. Your glass will not be “new” again.

Test on an inconspicuous area first. We are not responsible for damage. You will likely also uncover existing damage.

It is not suggested to use this attachment on anything other than shower glass or tiles – i.e exterior, automotive, marine etc glass – unless every other method has been tried first. But generally if it’s going to noticeably scuff the surface the glass would otherwise have needed to be replaced.