easyCLEAN Screen – Automotive & Marine




  • Repels water for a longer period than other products on the market
  • More durable than other products
  • Improves the clarity of the glass – improving your vision in low light or heavy weather – brilliant
  • DIY products are easier to use versions and smaller quanltities of the products we professionally apply
  • Applied in 3 simple steps – Clean, Check & Apply.
  • Pre-cleaning & After-Care products are included for on-going care and maintenance.
  • easy after care process to keep your screen performing at its peak

Your vision doesn’t need to be compromised!


Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN uses the world’s leading Nano Technology product from DFI with over 20 years of research and development.


Recognised around the world as global leaders and used by brands such as DUPONT in the US and some of Europe’s and South America’s largest glass manufacturers, you can trust the product does what it says it will on your expensive surfaces.


Our packs increase the life of your glass and mean less harsh cleaners are used. By lowering the amount of cleaning chemicals, we are doing our utmost for the environment, in the long-term this has to be a good thing.


We had Diamond Fusion apply their products to our boat windscreen at the Tauranga Drystack.  We just wanted to say a big thanks for the great prompt and friendly service, and the great job that was done.This is the third boat windscreen we have had Diamond Fusion applied to, and it makes an enormous difference, vastly improving visibility, and prevents salt drying and smearing, which previously had made it very difficult at times to see.  We recommend your product to lots of other boat owners (including the manufacturer, Tristram Marine), and now plan to investigate having our car windscreens treated. Gav & Kylie

The application Procedure video is using Windshield Defender, the process is exactly the same https://youtu.be/qFzsrVLAxa4

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Additional Revitalizer?

No thanks, 2x additional Nanopax, 118ml Spray

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