Single Foam Pad for drill attachment (1x only)


Finally they are here! Single Foam pads for a delicate surface

For use on more delicate surfaces, newer shower glass, exterior glass, vehicles and boats, although the gentlest way to clean is by hand that is pretty tedious for larger area, using this especially designed foam pad will give a very minimal chance of damage to a surface
Great to use with our NZ developed and made Restore mineral stain remover if you need to cover a bit more surface area, it is pictured on a drill (which is not included) but best used on a corded drill or fairly high torque Cordless. Yes you can use other products, but Restore WILL give better and faster results. If the other products worked, we would be using them!

These green foam pads are for using by hand or with the drill attachment when using with Restore mineral stain remover

Backing pad (not included) has a “velcro” style face that these pads stick to. (drill is, of course, not included either)

The pads do last really well as long as don't run them against the frames/edges as this does rip them, and give them a rinse out after using, so one will clean a lot of glass, but this does depend on level of marking etc...

Any glass restoration does have a risk of scuffing the glass, the worse the marking the harder you need to be on it, so the more risk of damage. Restoration is an attempt to save replacement of the glass. Your glass will not be “new” again.

Test on an inconspicuous area first. We are not responsible for damage. You will likely also uncover existing damage.

Generally if it's going to noticeably scuff the surface the glass would otherwise have needed to be replaced.

Two pads are pictured, price is per individual pad