Take matters into your own hands! The D-I-Y KIT empowers homeowners to control how and when to effectively protect and clean household surfaces such as your shower. The included CLEAR-FUSION™ DIY protective surface coating treats and protects a variety of surfaces commonly found in homes, from glass to tile, to porcelain, granite, and quartz.


Kit is best for new, or near new Glass. If your glass has existing Mineral staining we suggest first cleaning the surface with Diamond Fusion Restore

Clear Fusion™ DIY is an economical and convenient do-it-yourself hand-applied protective coating for glass and silica-based surfaces (Any glass, including exteriors, plus most Tiles, Porcelain hand basins, solar panels) to help make them more stain-resistant and easier to maintain.

Like all of our protect products, Clear Fusion DIY is an optically clear liquid, which seals and protects from mineral and environmental build-up.

Clear Fusion DIY makes maintenance easier, reduces cleaning time and effort needed, and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals.

A bottle covers at least 25 square metres, so enough to cover approx. 5 large 2 sided showers.

Simply re-apply as required.

Clear Fusion DIY can also be boosted with Revitalizer to increase its lifespan.

Before application we do suggest pre-cleaning any surface – even brand new – with Diamond Fusion RestoreGlass Rescue or Restoration Powder for best results

Reviewer: Jan Jones – I was reluctant spending over $100 for this but it worked like a gem! (no pun intended) Just having peace of mind that the coating will not be compromised is worth the extra expense. Our shower enclosure looks like new. Thank you


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