Sprayway – no Ammonia Foaming glass cleaner



You’ve owned glass cleaners before, but never one this good. Perfect for glass surfaces around your home. Sprayway ammonia-free is a foaming glass cleaner, so no drips or chasing. Our formula is streak-free to easily wipe away dirt and grime with no worry about residue or film. Sprayway glass cleaner works great on other surfaces too. Use it on chrome, tile, and porcelain for sparkly shine. Get back to clean windows, doors, and tables with just one can.

Streak-free windows, shower doors, glass tables, and mirrors has never been easier.  Spend less time cleaning and more time admiring your windows’ new glow.


  1. Using Sprayway Foaming Glass Cleaner is easy! Just spray on and wipe off with a cloth to remove fingerprints, dust, dirt, smoke film and other common soils. Remember to start at the top of the window or mirror and clean downwards to avoid dripping and streaks. Clean in a zig-zag “Z” pattern as you work your way down. Use a dry cloth to go over the surface after cleaning to ensure a streak-free shine.
  2. While cleaning glass surfaces with paper towels can be convenient, they often can leave lint, residue or streaks. Instead, use a cloth rag (an old t-shirt), chamois or microfiber cloth and/or a squeegee to leave your windows and mirrors crystal clear. Believe it or not, crumpled up newspaper is great for wiping down glass after you’ve sprayed them with Sprayway Glass Cleaner.
  3. Try to clean your windows on a cloudy day. Window panes warmed by the sun can dry too quickly and potentially leave streaks on the glass.
  4. Clean and dust windowsills and sashes before you clean the glass itself. This will avoid a mess if any glass cleaner gets on the window frame and mixes with the dust and debris resting there. Cotton swabs or a small foam paintbrush doused with cleaner can be used to get into crevices between the glass and frame to remove dirt.

safe to use on a Diamond Fusion or Clear Fusion surface, Also the recommended cleaner for many other glass Coatings
excellent Mirror cleaner, Car and Truck glass, Boat and Marine glass, windows, pool glass etc
recommended cleaner for many other glass coating systems

single can

Will not remove mineral staining or water marks,
if you have mineral staining on your glass, first use Restore Mineral stain Remover to clean your glass
Also available, Hi-Sheen glass Cleaner

Made in USA, 100% recyclable can and nozzle


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one, two, or three pack

single can, Two cans, Three cans

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