STUNNING Shower Glass Restoration 

sparkling MINERAL STAINED SURFACES with shower glass restoration

Restore your stained glass and save your money through shower glass restoration.
Diamond Fusion™ nanotechnology dramatically returns up to 90% of glass surfaces to looking great again.
Our trained glass technicians know how to make your glass surfaces sparkle.

best way to clean shower glassA sheet of glass that is untreated with a protective layer lies flat

Diamond Fusion™ easyCLEAN Glass Rescue Features & Benefits:

  • Returns up to 90% of showers to looking sparkly again
  • Removes water staining on your car or boat windows, or your exterior glass
  • Save money on replacing the glass & renovate instead of buying new
  • Shower glass restoration is better for the environment
  • Renovated glass can be protected by Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN to ensure it lasts even longer
  • Diamond Fusion™ is trusted around the globe & is the world's #1 product

From Stained to Clean & Clear with shower glass restoration

From old and stained to clean and clear, our Glass Rescue team can restore your mineral stained surfaces and return them to looking great again. We're the experts in shower glass restoration, saving you money on replacement costs, and also the environment!

Bring those heavily stained glass surfaces back to life and save money on expensive glass replacements.
At Diamond Fusion™ we use a variety of safe mineral stain removers to strip away unsightly build up that all other products just can't remove.

Let Diamond Fusion's safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions do all the hard work for you!
Once your shower glass has been restored to its former sparkling glory, add Diamond Fusion™ easyCLEAN and keep it looking clean and clear for good!

  • "…We would just like to say how pleased we are with our diamond fusion application. It works wonderfully. We would certainly recommend your product to other friends and family. Thank you so much.…"
    - Noel and Alice from Rotorua

  • "… We were extremely pleased with the results. The glass and tiles are easy to clean and always look sparkling clean…"
    — MJ & R, Wellington

  • “I have the Diamond Fusion™ on my new boat windows and I’m Loving it! kicks butt over other products I have used in the past…. Highly recommend to anyone to give it a go.”
    — Leeanne Dixon, Reel Adventures, New Zealand

  • “A couple of days after putting on the Automotive Defender, I was on the highway going to work when it started to rain. I rolled along for several miles before I realized I hadn’t turned on the windshield wipers. I simply didn’t notice that I needed them.”
    — David Gervich, Iowa, USA

  • "WOW !!!! What a difference Diamond Fusion has made to my life. With the lousy water in Hamilton that stains the showers and toilets, it has been a God-send. All I ever do now, after hours of scrubbing and still not getting the glass in the shower really clean before Diamond Fusion. Now I wipe over once a week with the loofah glove you gave me with a little dish detergent. MAGIC. After six months it really does look so clear and clean I’m not embarrassed when guests use the bathroom.It’s also freed up my time (which was wasted) to do things I enjoy. Thanks again for your very efficient completion of the job and for convincing us it would be worth-while. Money well spent. No more cleaning agents needed. Brilliant!"

    - M Pringle, Hamilton

  • "…I recently had my shower cleaned and protected with Diamond Fusion. What a fantastic way to protect and renovate your glass for many years to come. Cleaning each week is so easy, no spraying and waiting, no scrubbing. Definitely a highly recommended service, one I will be recommending to all my clients and friends in the future.”

    - Charlotte Roberts, Styleline Kitchens, Auckland

  • ".. thanks for great service from start to end, it seems a rare thing these days..."

    - C Wentink, Auckland

  • "...we are very pleased with our diamond fusing on our shower glass. Everything is much easier to clean, and your product makes the glass sparkle."

    - Wayne Andrewartha, Auckland

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