Clear Fusion™ DIY


Clear Fusion™ DIY  is an economical and convenient do-it-yourself hand-applied protective coating for glass and silica-based surfaces (Any glass, including exteriors, plus most Tiles, Porcelain hand basins, solar panels) to help make them more stain-resistant and easier to maintain.

Like all of our protect products, Clear Fusion DIY is an optically clear liquid, which seals and protects from mineral and environmental build-up.

Clear Fusion DIY makes maintenance easier, reduces cleaning time and effort needed, and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals.

A bottle covers approximately 20 - 25 square metres (approx $3.16m2), so enough to cover five average 2 sided showers. Coverage does depend on conditions and application

Simply re-apply Clear Fusion DIY as required, or occasionally boost with Revitalizer to increase its lifespan.

Before application we do suggest pre-cleaning any surface – even brand new – with Diamond Fusion Restore, Glass Rescue or Restoration Powder for best results

Note: this is NOT DIY Diamond Fusion easyClean, or DIY Clear Fusion Pro

a sample application showing the process